This incredible 7 string round neck Dobro was private branded for Daileys More Harmony Music Studio by the Dobro company sometime in the 30’s .Wow, that seems like a long time ago. This old Dobro cries like she’s seen and felt her share of hard times along the way as well. I picked her up to check again for a date stamp through the f hole and had a hard time putting her down. With a glass slide and bare fingers she had quite a bit to say. That is the heart of why I love these old guitars, the spirit, the vintage vibe…………. back to the subject.
Dailey’s was a teaching studio that would not only teach you but sell you a guitar marked with More Harmony! Pretty good marketing for Dailey and from the Dobro company too.
The tuners on this guitar and the headstock they rest in are really cool but the More Harmony logo tops the guitar off with an original look that really stands out. The round neck is a rarity too. Set up for slide now this guitar could , with some work, be set up for fingerstyle picking too!

What a truly rare piece of an era gone by.

Call , email or when you are in San Francisco come and check her out.


La Habanera is certainly the woman dancing featured in paint or decal on the solid spruce top of this lovely 1930’s parlor guitar.
I bought this guitar on the internet and the picture of the front of the guitar showed an added tailpiece and only the woman’s head and arm visible below.My curiosity was aroused and I purchased the guitar.
I was familiar with the added tailpiece trick that went something like this in the 30’s and 40’s.
Customer, “My bridge came off.” Music store, ” $2.00 to glue it on or for a quarter you can buy this tailpiece,screw it on to your guitar and let the bridge float.” Customer, “Here is 25 cents.”
After waiting and wondering about the condition of La Habanera, the guitar arrived shipped in the original bottom opening green canvas and cardboard case!
I grabbed a screwdriver and removed the bridge and below, protected by the clever placement of a piece of wooden match stick is the image you see on the guitar.
After enjoying the artwork and the fine mother of toilet seat neck and headstock laminates I realized La Habanera needed a neck reset and new frets to play as good as she looked. On to the repair bench……

This guitar plays great now with a beautiful, clear, balanced tone and weighs in at 2.5 lbs! The Supertone label is still intact in the soundhole.
This is a rare one.

Email, phone or come in and check it out.


This 1950 Kay is a marvel to me. When I looked at the guitar I was drawn to the tailpiece first as it is the same piece of hardware used on my much loved K 161 “Jimmy Reed” guitar that I am playing on the facebook page. If you check the picture out you can see the tailpiece of that guitar has been changed to a 30’s Kay flattop model and I planned to “borrow” the acoustic tailpiece for the “Jimmy Reed” and possibly scavenge the KLUSON deluxe tuners as well.
When I returned to the shop and checked out my pawnshop parts guitar I realized how rare the old archtop was really was. The neck, well attached to the body and with a beautiful medium profile had somehow without the help of a truss rod not warped in over 60years! Amazing. With the combination of the beautiful vintage finish,the chrome Kay headstock logo, the super low action and a great feeling neck I knew that this guitar was a keeper and that my K 161 would have to keep the flatop bridge.
The Kay acoustic features a spruce plywood top, maple back and sides and a rosewood fretboard and bridge. This guitar looks, plays and sounds great. Classic Fifties archtop with a really nice neck profile. No “baseball bat”. How rare is that? Come in and check it out! Call 415-255-0618 or email with any questions. Celebrate vintage guitars.


Here we have a beautiful 1960 Harmony made Meteor archtop electric guitar. You can see the spruce plywood top with the hot deArmond “gold foil” pickups and the awesome fake tortoise pickguard. What you can’t see is the killer flame maple back and sides. So please take my word this guitar is a classic! This guitar features the ultra slim neck that made these beauties famous. There are photos of both Keith Richards and Brian Jones playing Meteors with the early Rolling Stones! Completing the package are original Waverly nickel tuners,adjustable truss rod,cupcake tone and volume knobs and nice nickel tailpiece. This guitar comes with original cream and grey two tone case lined with red fuzzy stuff. Crazy!
Call 415-255-0618 for a more detailed description or come in and check this and the many other vintage classic guitars when you are in San Francisco.


This Fender guitar, made in Japan, was part of the Master Series guitars authorized by Fender and represented the pinnacle of the spirit of competition of Japanese luthiers to challenge the notion that Japanese guitars are of a lesser quality than their American counterparts. As stated on the guitar “crafted with pride” in Japan, this guitar is all that is advertised. Popularized by Robben Ford this guitar was owned and played by Chris Cobb of San Francisco’s Real Guitars and has d been modded with Seth Lover humbuckers and a Tone-Pro’s bridge. Wow,lots of sustain. This was a true Fender challenge to the Les Paul. Come in and check her out. Not many of these guitars out there. Call or email for an in hand description!


This sunburst archtop parlor was built by the mighty Gibson company to provide competition to the catalog guitars offered by Kay,Harmony and Supertone. Even at the lower price, the Kalamazoo was a very well built guitar with Mahogany back and sides and a solid bear clawed Spruce top. This guitar is all original with Kluson open back tuning machines in great shape. Check out the clean black buttons and beautiful headstock logo! The fretboard is Brazilian Rosewood with original bar frets and the pickguard is here too. The lower bout measures 14.5″ and the upper bout 10″ with the body depth at over 4″.

This is a wonderfully well preserved vintage beauty that sounds better than it looks and has the original vintage case as well. Wow now that’s a catalog guitar! Thanks Gibson.


This solid mahogany acoustic archtop sold under the Supertone banner for the Sears and Roebuck Co. I originally believed this guitar was made by Harmony, which was owned at the time by Sears and Roebuck Co., but after locating the date stamp I now have doubts. The stamping is not consistent with Harmony stamping I have ever seen nor Kay stamping as well so for now the maker is unknown.

The neck reset in the past,repaired cracks on the front,and the scalloped fretboard are a visual testament to how much this guitar was played and appreciated. Mahogany is an excellent tonewood and only gets better with age and this old archtop sounds great! Clear and bright as well as warm and woody and playable up and down the neck this guitar is hard to put down. Check out the binding and faded headstock logo for cool.

Come in and play for yourself when you are in San Francisco. Call 415-255-0618 or email Kevin with any questions


Here is the single pickup version of the H62 we featured earlier. Topped off with the stylish 50’s Silvertone logo, this Harmony made for Sears- Roebuck H61 features the hot P-13 single coil pickup mounted in fake tortoise in the neck position. Built in Chicago in the fall of 1956, this seasoned instrument is equally ready to scat jazz or sing the blues and with a recent neck reset maintaining the original fretwire, the action and playability are excellent.Check out the three part f-holes! I have replaced the speed knob upgrade shown in the photo with the correct brown bakelite tone and volume controls. This guitar is ready to play!

Stop in and check it out. Call us at 415.255.0618 or email Kevin with any questions.

1940 Bronson’s Radio King lap steel guitar

This lovely solid Mahogany lap steel is dated S-40 on the inside back. The Mahogany really rings out with a clean sweet tone. The sound hole is bound with black and white checkerboard purfling and the top features checkerboard binding wrapped in faux tortoise. The back is bound in faux tortoise only. The inlay work on the fretboard is very well executed and features snowflake markers made of genuine mother of pearl! Topping off a beautiful guitar with quality features is the wonderful gold Bronson’s Radio King headstock logo with the period microphone proudly displayed. Bronson’s was a Chicago music school that sold branded guitars to their students. My best guess is that the Radio King was built by the Harmony company for Bronson’s. This lap steel guitar is for sale now for $895.

When you are in San Francisco come by and play the Radio King or any other of our fine vintage guitars.

1948 Silvertone 1300 Amp

1948 Silvertone 1300 Amp 1948 Silvertone 1300 Amp

How about this vintage tone machine! Made only in 1948 by Danelectro for Sears and marketed under the Silvertone banner , this 2-tone vertical combo amp features the treble clef logo on the grill and holds a 10″ Bell field coil speaker behind. The amp features 2 6SL7GT, 2 6V6GT and 1 5Y3GT as the tube complement. This beautiful example of post war technology packaged so well celebrates the essence of what Vintage Vibe Guitars is about. Enjoy!


While Fender and Gibson are the most iconic American guitars today, the real dream guitars carry more humble names like Kay, Harmony, Silvertone and Old Kraftsman. These catalog guitars of the '50s an '60s are the guitars of our dreams, and our store is the place where those dreams come true!