1940 Bronson’s Radio King lap steel guitar

This lovely solid Mahogany lap steel is dated S-40 on the inside back. The Mahogany really rings out with a clean sweet tone. The sound hole is bound with black and white checkerboard purfling and the top features checkerboard binding wrapped in faux tortoise. The back is bound in faux tortoise only. The inlay work on the fretboard is very well executed and features snowflake markers made of genuine mother of pearl! Topping off a beautiful guitar with quality features is the wonderful gold Bronson’s Radio King headstock logo with the period microphone proudly displayed. Bronson’s was a Chicago music school that sold branded guitars to their students. My best guess is that the Radio King was built by the Harmony company for Bronson’s. This lap steel guitar is for sale now for $895.

When you are in San Francisco come by and play the Radio King or any other of our fine vintage guitars.

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