This solid mahogany acoustic archtop sold under the Supertone banner for the Sears and Roebuck Co. I originally believed this guitar was made by Harmony, which was owned at the time by Sears and Roebuck Co., but after locating the date stamp I now have doubts. The stamping is not consistent with Harmony stamping I have ever seen nor Kay stamping as well so for now the maker is unknown.

The neck reset in the past,repaired cracks on the front,and the scalloped fretboard are a visual testament to how much this guitar was played and appreciated. Mahogany is an excellent tonewood and only gets better with age and this old archtop sounds great! Clear and bright as well as warm and woody and playable up and down the neck this guitar is hard to put down. Check out the binding and faded headstock logo for cool.

Come in and play for yourself when you are in San Francisco. Call 415-255-0618 or email Kevin with any questions

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While Fender and Gibson are the most iconic American guitars today, the real dream guitars carry more humble names like Kay, Harmony, Silvertone and Old Kraftsman. These catalog guitars of the '50s an '60s are the guitars of our dreams, and our store is the place where those dreams come true!