This Fender guitar, made in Japan, was part of the Master Series guitars authorized by Fender and represented the pinnacle of the spirit of competition of Japanese luthiers to challenge the notion that Japanese guitars are of a lesser quality than their American counterparts. As stated on the guitar “crafted with pride” in Japan, this guitar is all that is advertised. Popularized by Robben Ford this guitar was owned and played by Chris Cobb of San Francisco’s Real Guitars and has d been modded with Seth Lover humbuckers and a Tone-Pro’s bridge. Wow,lots of sustain. This was a true Fender challenge to the Les Paul. Come in and check her out. Not many of these guitars out there. Call or email for an in hand description!

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While Fender and Gibson are the most iconic American guitars today, the real dream guitars carry more humble names like Kay, Harmony, Silvertone and Old Kraftsman. These catalog guitars of the '50s an '60s are the guitars of our dreams, and our store is the place where those dreams come true!