This 1950 Kay is a marvel to me. When I looked at the guitar I was drawn to the tailpiece first as it is the same piece of hardware used on my much loved K 161 “Jimmy Reed” guitar that I am playing on the facebook page. If you check the picture out you can see the tailpiece of that guitar has been changed to a 30’s Kay flattop model and I planned to “borrow” the acoustic tailpiece for the “Jimmy Reed” and possibly scavenge the KLUSON deluxe tuners as well.
When I returned to the shop and checked out my pawnshop parts guitar I realized how rare the old archtop was really was. The neck, well attached to the body and with a beautiful medium profile had somehow without the help of a truss rod not warped in over 60years! Amazing. With the combination of the beautiful vintage finish,the chrome Kay headstock logo, the super low action and a great feeling neck I knew that this guitar was a keeper and that my K 161 would have to keep the flatop bridge.
The Kay acoustic features a spruce plywood top, maple back and sides and a rosewood fretboard and bridge. This guitar looks, plays and sounds great. Classic Fifties archtop with a really nice neck profile. No “baseball bat”. How rare is that? Come in and check it out! Call 415-255-0618 or email with any questions. Celebrate vintage guitars.

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While Fender and Gibson are the most iconic American guitars today, the real dream guitars carry more humble names like Kay, Harmony, Silvertone and Old Kraftsman. These catalog guitars of the '50s an '60s are the guitars of our dreams, and our store is the place where those dreams come true!