This incredible 7 string round neck Dobro was private branded for Daileys More Harmony Music Studio by the Dobro company sometime in the 30’s .Wow, that seems like a long time ago. This old Dobro cries like she’s seen and felt her share of hard times along the way as well. I picked her up to check again for a date stamp through the f hole and had a hard time putting her down. With a glass slide and bare fingers she had quite a bit to say. That is the heart of why I love these old guitars, the spirit, the vintage vibe…………. back to the subject.
Dailey’s was a teaching studio that would not only teach you but sell you a guitar marked with More Harmony! Pretty good marketing for Dailey and from the Dobro company too.
The tuners on this guitar and the headstock they rest in are really cool but the More Harmony logo tops the guitar off with an original look that really stands out. The round neck is a rarity too. Set up for slide now this guitar could , with some work, be set up for fingerstyle picking too!

What a truly rare piece of an era gone by.

Call , email or when you are in San Francisco come and check her out.

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